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At Goslings, we pride ourselves on being the best and offering a unique services where parental involvement and partnership is actively encouraged. All of our staff are friendly and approachable and work hard on building relationships with families, not just children!

Forthcoming Events 

Events for the 2016/17 Academic Year

Transition & Parents Weeks - 15-30 August, all day everyday

Your child’s progress report will be handed to you around 15th August (unless they only recently joined nursery). Children moving up classes, or starting nursery in September, will be invited on play dates by their new class teachers to help them with the forthcoming transition. Old key workers will try to join the children, until they are ready to play in their new rooms. This will all be coordinated internally by the room staff, within children’s normal days of attendance. Parents moving classes are expected to attend a transition appointment with their proposed key worker within these 2 weeks. Please contact Tweenie room staff ASAP, as they have the booking diary, to make your appointment. The new key worker will have a copy of your child’s progress report available from the last class and can discuss/explain this with you in more detail if you so wish. Tweenie room staff will help parents to make an appointment at a convenient time within the nursery day, but it must be around staff members normal shift times and avoiding peak departure times etc so the time slots are available daily between 9am-4.30pm. Appointments are on a first come, first served basis, so if you need a specific day or time, please ask quickly. For part time children, please pop in on a non-nursery day and you child can join us to play.

The key worker we have appointed (see the class list in the reception hallway) is the person the staff feel your child will settle best with, based on what we know about them, but sometimes children naturally bond with another teacher. In this case, there may be some movement in the key worker list towards the end of September. We will of course keep you informed of any changes. We have lots of staff holidays within this period so we'll do our best to find a day that suits you. Appointments are not available at arrival or departure times as welcoming children effectively is very important. Also, we must avoid the end of a nursery day, when there are no quiet corners available to speak with you. Furthermore, children are generally tired and may not wish to try their new classroom out for the first time!

For children moving on to school or another preschool, you will be given your child’s whole folder on their last day, which contains there progress report, plus an envelope to hand over to teachers at their new setting detailing their educational records and school readiness.

Preschool End of Term Outing: A family day out - Thursday 31st August 2017 - 10am-4pm



Graduate outing for all our school leavers and their parents. The day starts off meeting at 10am with a Build-a-bear Workshop party at their store within the Touchwood shopping centre: 8 Mill Lane Arcade, Touchwood Centre, Solihull, B91 3GS. The party will run from 10am-11.45am. Children will stuff their pre-ordered bear, name and make a birth certificate too. Parents are welcome to purchase outfits for their child’s bear if they wish. Nursery will provide a drawstring bag and a Class of 2017 sash. This will be followed by a quick snack. Families can make their own way in their own time over to Breuton Park for the second half of the day where they need to arrive at 1.30pm.


Between the 2 halves of the party, it is recommended you move your car to Breuton Park at this time as Touchwood can be quite expensive! Head for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Parkridge Centre, Breuton Park, Warwick Rd, Solihull, B91 3HG. Parking is free for first 3 hours. Don't forget to get a ticket from the machine though! 


Parents to meet at the Parkridge Centre at 1.30pm for lunch (so please don’t feed your children). The children’s party box lunch is provided. Parents are welcome to use the cafe facilities within the building (and have a rest!). Once we have eaten, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust will be hosting a 'Magical Tea Party' for all the children (and their bears!), around the theme of den building. Parents can tag along the woodland paths with us and watch all the fun. The party ends at approximately 3.30pm with party bags! Families are welcome to hang around and head into the main park for a play with the other graduates if the weather is good. The child being cared for by nursery for the day will depart around 4pm to head back to nursery for collection after 5pm.


If the weather is bad on the day, please bring your child’s waterproof clothing and wellies with you, as the den party is very much outdoors! If you want to watch, might be an idea to also bring an umbrella ;)


Parents/families need to accompany and care for their own child throughout the day. Nursery staff are only responsible for children without parents in attendance (just 1). Unfortunately, this trip isn't suitable for siblings to attend, as the event is aimed specifically at 4yr olds and no bears, meals, snacks or party activities that can be attended by siblings as it’s the graduates treat. Please ensure you have suitable childcare plans in advance of the event. For younger siblings, if anyone is struggling, please ask nursery about available spaces.


Save the Date for 2017/18 Academic Year

  • Photographer visit - Tempest are here taking individual pictures of children - Tuesday 17th October 2017, 9am-11.30am
  • New Parent open morning - Wednesday 18th October (for parents new since 1st July 2017 only) - 9-11am drop in anytime for a coffee and playdate with your child.
  • Nativity Dance show (Nativity is for oldest preschoolers only) - Friday 15th December 2017, 10.30am
  • Christmas Parties - Friday 15th December 2017, 4-6pm @ Nursery The nursery closes at 4pm to host this event